Tuesday, June 10, 2008


SuperBmx has regretfully surrendered our old website to the technologically easy to use BloggerJuggernaut of the Future, that is if there really is a Future, after stumbling across the L.A.T.O.C. site, I'm not really sure if there will be one or at least one as we might have imagined...it is a long read but it is definitely a big wake up call...

OK back to Bmx and the SuperBmx site, the time it was taking to re-size and edit photos in Photoshop then putting them into Dreamweaver and trying to make everything look right was keeping the updates few and far between. So on a whim I just switched over the domain name to point here, not realizing that I don't have anything important linked here, and it broke links to images on our MySpace. So in trying to make things easier I just made a ton of work to fix things...Oh Well...Hopefully within a few days we'll have some Products, Crew, and the SuperBmx Video 'Live For Today' Links up on here, For now check out info on the video on our SuperBmx-MySpace. We'll be trying to customize this and break away from the generic shit-blog 'shlog'? look while keeping updates fresh...Keep checking back-Superfly

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