Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Baker's Acres Jam - Oscar's pics

Oscar is a way better photographer than I am, here are a couple pics he took...My dumb ass hung his bike out of the trunk too close to the exhaust pipe and it melted his tire off...ShitKat spit a freestyle rhyme on the ride home about the events that went down over the weekend, a line about Joe Stakum's concussion went something like this..."YO YO, you slammed your face on the wallride my man, I told you a hundred times now, God Damn!"...We stopped at Friendly's on the way home and got Fribbles...Shady Grady was up in Canada visiting his Grandpa, he informed me today that he drove back the same route and also stopped at the very same Friendly's a few hours later, weird. Kinda like the time I spotted him in the background of a photo that I took in Austin, a year before I met him.

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