Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ride Photo/Shoreham BMX

Keith Mulligan just informed me of this photo of myself on the new RideBMX site. Pretty Stoked!

The ShitKat BMX Boston trip was a fuckin' blast. Can't believe nobody went to jail, way too many close calls. I got a ton of great photos that I will post as soon as I get a chance. We also clocked in a ton of great clips, Manboy will be handling the Web Edit and we'll embed it on here as soon as it's done. Thanks to ShitKat for pulling off an awesome trip.

20 years ago I started racing BMX at Shoreham on Long Island. Last week Billy Dies a.k.a. "Snips" called me up saying he'd be home from Cali for a few days and wanted to hit up the track for old times sake. Its crazy to think how many people I've met because of racing at Shoreham and Bmx in general and the direction it took me in life. I could go on and on all day about stories of racing at shoreham, but I won't, instead I'll just list the people in the picture...Keith Newell, Matt Botchler, Myself (Supes), Tom Bivona, Bill Dies, Lee Kirsch, and Keith Terra. Not pictured is Karl from KADG, he was there asking us if we knew how to contact Darryl Nau for sponsorship.


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