Friday, August 8, 2008


This is the first post away from the SuperDomeMainFrameJiggoBotComputer, gotta love Blogger. I'm posted up in Queens at Moshi Moshi's secret lair. Droppin' off Moshi and pickin' up Shady Grady in the AM on Canal street. Off to Bethlehem to ride Posh tomorrow, heard Fuzzy (one of my all time BMX heroes) and Berringer will be there, stoked. Then we're off to Binghamton for FBM's Brawlin'. If you're in the Glen Cove area Keep an eye out for my boy Elliot's ride, he saw it get stolen from 7-11 in Sea Cliff the other night while he was inside. And it is definitely on the hill somewhere in Glen Cove. 5 Free SuperBmx shirts to anyone that gets it back. More goodness on Monday...Leave some comments already.

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Anonymous said...

i think the bear, aka alex shimiti? got els bike back, fucking clawed sum lil nig in bayville. worddd