Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Philly Trip Part 1

Starring... ShitKat, Oscar Frias, Frank Macchio, Norweigan Nick, Bobby Portable, Superfly, Lil' Paul Smith, Wedge, Marvin, Elliot, Mozer, Manboy, Tom Asshole, Smitty, Smikey, Piggy, Adam, and Alex Rehab

The"SuperBmx/ShitKatBmx/Whammo/Any kid on a Bmx from the Gold Coast Crew" made a trip over to Philly for the weekend. Rollin' 18 kids deep this time there was a ton of wild shit going down all weekend, I'm gonna have to report it all over 3 posts. Once again we barely managed to avoid going to Jail thanks to the worst cop in all of PA, Sgt. Slaughter, who also happened to rip ass in our hotel room Super Troopers style. As if that wasn't enough we also barely managed to escape from three crazy men chasing us with a hammer from a quarter pipe shaped roof in shady-assed Cambden NJ. Scary. And once again for the fourth weekend in a row going on a trip out of state, I drank too much on Friday night thus making getting up and travelling very less than pleasurable on Saturday morning. My bike lock must have been drunk too, cuz somehow it changed its combination while I was in the bar and I couldn't unlock it. Me and Collins had to steal my bike off the sign it was locked to. On the NJ Turnpike Shitkat ghost rode his whip while slowed down in traffic and dropped all his shit all over the road, luckily I was behind him to recover it are some pics from myself and Lil' Paul Smith, expect a dialed web edit from Manboy soon, hopefully it will premeire here before the Come Up this time. Some more follow up posts here soon.

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