Sunday, November 9, 2008

Jam for Mikey Aitken

There's a Jam for Mikey Aitken at the New Haven Park this Saturday being put on by Jeff Allen. Be there and raise some money for Mikey. More info on the Flyer. 

This past Friday we had a Birthday party for Moshi Moshi at my shop, we put out a jar for Mikey and raised $403 bucks. Thanks for everyone who came and of the party will be up soon.

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Anonymous said...

Well I went to this event. It was probally the funest thing i've been to in a long time. Usually if i had to pay to get in I'd say fuck it and not go but since it was for a good cause i did. and ill tell u that shit was fucking awesome. I wanted to bring my bike but my brother said that there would be too many fast pace riders and girls like me could get hurt. So yeah you prolly saw me there I was decked out in the zebra stripped hoodie. =] Well yeah the event was amazing. I hope Mikey gets better =]