Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chemical War Zone + Facebook

I poached this old pic off ManMade Darren's facebook. I guess he took this pic many years ago when I was printing stickers in my parent's garage. The fumes from the inks were so strong that I had to wear a gas mask while printing them just to survive. I thought this pic was interesting because it reminded me where my printing business started, on a small table in a garage with about $150 worth of equipment. For awhile I did all the SuperBmx, Base, Manmade, Area Code 516 stickers in there, I even did some stickers for Standard Byke Company and ECD. With the money I made from printing stickers I was able to buy a T-shirt press that was also in that garage for many years. Which led me to having my own shop now, even though its just a small shop, its fun to remember where this all started.

Oh Yeah, I'm up on the Facebook now too, add me, and if you haven't signed up yet do so right now!

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