Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Breakin' it into 2

I don't know how many other people have thought about this and broke it down in this way before but fundamentally there are really only 2 tricks in BMX Jumping. Yes only 2. 
Well 2 kinds. 
First there's the type of trick that is 1 complete motion, This is where you do 1 continuous motion that brings you back to where you started. For example... Flips, 360's, Barspins, & Tailwhips. All of these tricks require some sort of full rotation of either the bike, a part of the bike, or both the rider and the bike together. One continuous motion from start to finish.

The Second type of trick is where you do 2 motions, 1 to do the trick, and 1 to undo it, its 1/2 exucution and 1/2 un-execution or "Escape". This is where you manuever the bike, a part of the bike, or both the bike and the rider into a certain position, then you do the complete opposite of what you did to get into that position, to get out of it, tricks like these, would be some of my favorites... Turndowns, Tabletops, & Whips-outs.
I don't know why but I never really dialed in the first kind that well. Maybe its my fear of commitment. I'm better at the second kind where I can try something a lil bit and if its not working out I can just Command Z and undo it.
And of course if you want to argue that its more complicated than this I'll agree with you, it is. When  you add the 2 kinds together to get variations (See Mike Aitken and Chris Doyle) the possibilities are endless but I'm just breaking it down to its fundamentals.


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fullpipes and foampits

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