Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Post #87 on Blogger

This is the 87th post since I got on Blogger. In 87' I was 11 and I got my first real bike, it was a black Dyno D-tour, I wanted to race and jump shit but for some reason I picked out that tank-like Freestyle bike, maybe cuz it had the most "trick" stuff on it, I dont know.

And I came across this site BMXNEWS.info if you are a fiend for Bmx news this site is for you, it pretty much takes all the latest news from all the Bmx news sites, companies, and blogs.


mike said...

fuck yeah the cargo's are rad man use to have a pair just like it

Bauer said...

I did the same thing. I wanted the Mongoose California Pro, but went down the catalog until I could afford something. I finally stopped on the Stylist. Not the low end race bike, but the low end freestyle bike. Rotor/Pegs/peg bosses/2 brakes/Mags. I was dumb.