Monday, May 18, 2009

Ryan Hoey's Top 5 Bmx Legends

I know this site has been lacking content lately but it's trails season and I've been out riding and digging. Luckily Ryan Hoey helped me out with some content. Ride UK did an feature where certain Bmx personalities picked their top 5 legends. So I completely ripped off that idea as well as the pictures used in this post (sorry). To the left is a picture of Ryan and myself with another Bmx Legend, Gary Ellis.

Here are Ryan Hoey's Top Five Bmx Legends of all time...
#1. John Lee - from watching John at Shoreham Bmx through my plastic glasses and 12 pound fullface in the mid 90's, to meeting up at the Bingo cement park to do 360 flyouts with me in 09, John's riding and positive attitude are an inspiriation. widely known as one of the nicest people ever, he still rides his bike to the trails after work to dig, even though they will eventually be under 10 feet of water at some point. "BMX is what you make it, If your riding scene sucks it is most likely because you kind of suck"- John Lee

#2 Brandon "Punjab" Pundai - when I was younger I watched videos so much I wore out my tapes and VCR. Some of my first videos were Anthem, Thunder, and Domination, all of which Punjab were in. I always liked his effortless riding style, no pinch suicides, and the classic punjab superman. He still kills it today, and I'm sure most people stop to watch him ride through a line at the trails, I know I do.

(Sidenote)-It's hard to write about someone you think is a legend without sound like you're sucking them off... figuratively.

#3 Van Homan - not going to say much about van, I dont have to. from casing every jump in his trailblazin part, to the Kona tailwhip gap, epic philly rail manual, countless banger video parts, and running his own bike store, Van rules.

#4 Kelly Baker- anyone who is 42 and riding as hard as ever is a legend in my eyes. Kelly digs at his trails by himself, with his wife, daughter, and 2 sons for support (who also ride)... I hope if I have a family one day they come dig with me. He's also been working in his hometown building a skatepark for a long-time riding buddy who was killed in Iraq, which I really admire. Kelly is really welcoming and hospitable to riders that come through the acres, so stop by and help out, he might offer you a beer..

# 5 Bruce and Betty Mulligan (No picture available) -- this is more of an observed appreciation... Bruce and Betty are Keith Mulligan's parents who to this day still volunteer at the local bmx track, long after keith stopped racing and moved to cali. betty registers racers in the morning, makes the moto sheets, and hands out trophies after the races. bruce drops the gate, helps kids balance and makes sure everyones gear is in order. I just think its awesome they are still helping out at the races after all these years.