Thursday, June 18, 2009

Get Well Terrell

Terrell took a big crash yesterday and broke his leg. Keep your
spirits up and well soon buddy!


BLAM!! said...

yea mang! damn good to meet you. I looked at the gap and that shit is no joke! get well soon. GC

Justin said...

Well i dont really know ya. but i was at fbm gettin parts when i saw you crash. that was crazy man. hope you have a quick recovery.

Jonas said...

Even though the stunt didn't work out, it was awesome that you stepped it up and went for the gap --- I can't imagine anyone else handling that crash as well as you. Once the leg heals, I'm sure you'll be better then ever.

Everyone missed you so much during the rest of the trip. We spent much of the time reminiscing on your guido impressions, tattoos in the van, and other hilarious antics.

Anonymous said...