Tuesday, August 18, 2009

All Apologies

All Apologies for the lack of updates. All I can say is I've been busy, busy out living in the real world and got real tired with the God damned BMX internet world, cuz lets all face it, it sucks (Except for Facebook of course), and also cuz it's actually Summertime and I've been outside riding a bit. Besides that I've been busy being sued, yeah sued for like a million dollars or something, I don't even know, for some shit I didn't even do, besides that I've been busy drinking beers with my friends to help me forget the fact that I'm being sued for millions of dollars. Cuz being sued for millions of dollars is not fun. Trust me.

Last I posted there was a lot of shit in Spain that I wasn't riding my bike on. Yup I went all over Europe without my Bmx. I don't even wanna hear it.... It was a last minute trip that I jumped on and I knew that for the time I was going to be there for and the amount of places we were gonna go and the amount of driving we'd be doing and the logistics of bringing my bike there just wasn't worth it. But what I did do was make a ton of friends and contacts all over Spain and France, learned my way around, and what to do, and not to do across the pond. Soo...as Arnold once said...

"I'll be back"

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