Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Decade Party's

My Site has been pretty hungry for content lately, so I asked myself..."What have I been up to besides, riding, or not riding, and printing or not printing shirts?" Good Question...Well, Besides defending myself against a bullshit Criminal case, and now a Bullshit Civil suit that pretty much puts a huge dark cloud over my existence. I've been trying to just live. I've been throwin' party's because I'm fortunate enough to have a really good place to throw party's. So this is how the party throwing started...After going to a few 'Themed' party's over the last year I was trying to think of a good theme for a party of my own. I had just see the movie 'Watchmen' and was pretty impressed with the opening scene that spanned over several decades to Bob Dylan's 'The Times They Are A-Changing'. If you haven't seen this movie, go see it just for this scene alone. So now I'll paint a lil' picture for you... its early Spring, still cold as fuck after a brutal depressing winter that seemed to never ever end and I think my friends and I desperately need something good and fun to look forward to this Summer. Especially after the year I had just been through. It was a Monday night a couple days after I had seen the 'Watchmen' movie I found myself at Gallager's Pub in Sea Cliff for wings with some of my local yocal Friends discussing how good the last party I had at my shop was, a few $2 Buds deeper and 'The Times They Are A-Changin' song comes on the juxebox. And it hit me like a Sucker punch from Mark Trimarchi.
I wasn't gonna have "a" themed party, I was gonna have "the" themed parties. Starting from the 50's going all the way to the 90's. 5 Party's, A party for each decade. Mandatory to be dressed according to decade.
Keep in mind this is a screen printing shop/warehouse in Glen Head, LI this is not Williamsburg, this place needs a real deal party like my boy Heffay needs a beer.
The 50's Party was good. Not great, just good but hey it was the 1st one. Word spread and the 60's was Fuckin' crazy, My friend's band "Let me Crazy" played 60's covers and it was awesome, My shop is soo small the band took up half the space of the my shop, they also gave out over 100 earplugs cuz they were loud as Fuck. The 70's we thought was just gonna be filler between the 60's and 80's, but it wasn't it was actually crazier and bigger than the 60's party. After I threw the 50's party people I didn't even know would approach me on the street or in the bar and tell me, "you're the guy that thow's the decades party's, I'll be there for the 80's for sure". The expectations for the 80's was set pretty high. But Fuck! It's the 80's man, it was gonna be wild reguardless, it's what all us 80's kids was waiting for. Honestly at all the other party's before this one I had the chore of being Host/Bouncer/Guy-that-made-sure-everyone-paid- their-$5, so I didn't get to enjoy them as much as I should have. But by the time the 80's came around I said "Fuck that. I'm gonna have fun at my party" Result=me being pretty drunk, drunk enough to the point that I was being crowd surfed against my will.  The next day I ended up remembering about 85% of the night, which I think is pretty damned good, and I got about 200 pics that filled in about another 10% which I guess is as good as it'll get. If I really needed to I could stalk people on Facebook and fill myself in with the 500 or so photos that showed up on there. So anyway, whether you care or not, here are the Flyers for each party. And Videos Slideshows from the 60's and 70's, still gotta put together a 50's and 80's, and the 90's hasn't happened yet. There are about a billion more photos on Facebook if you're interested in seeing more, just friend me and you'll have access to them.

Superfly's 60's Party from Superfly on Vimeo.

Superfly's 70's Party from Superfly on Vimeo.


MANMADE said...

The parties look fun.... only con would be not enough t-n-a in the slideshow... especially the 60's with the whole hippy love goin around. Id think at least a couple nipple slips wouldve been caught.

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