Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Have More Hot Dogs?

Not the most interesting post here but I'm just trying to keep them frequent...It was another wild weekend, unfortunately I lent Moshi Moshi my camera and didn't document any of it. On Friday Darryl Nau, Shady Grady, Floyd, Captain 'K'aveman, and myself attempted to ride the trails but instead got caught in there under really tall trees during a T-Storm and almost got struck by Lightning. Me and Darryl dug up an old hatchet at the trails, then buried it, then dug it up again... Party'd all night at the local watering holes till the sun came up. Got a crazy cabbie who tried to suicide crash his cab with us in it on the way back to my shop. Not Dialed. Sunday me and Moshi went to my buddy Justin's B-day BBQ/Pool Party. After 32 years of life I finally learned to backflip off a diving board, Sweet! But I still have to hold my nose underwater no matter how hard I try not to. More T-Storms are predicted for the next few days and into the weekend, so the trails are tarped up. Whammo is fuckin' Dialed 'cept for the last set landing that still needs to be built up. Otherwise they're 999.98% running, with only 2 jumps left to be hit. BBQ on Saturday??? I'll keep you posted.
Oh, and then there's this video that has nothing to do with me or SuperBmx but it is pretty fuckin' awesome for a street edit...

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this guys is fucking badass