Friday, June 27, 2008

Tales from the Darkside

Tales from the Darkside was an awesome TV show that I remember seeing during the brief time my parents sprung for cable in the late 80's. But now when I think of that term I imagine a writer that gets me stoked such as Brian Tunney describing stories of Keith Terra doing Downside Tabletops at the trails with scary little trail creatures trying to pull him out of his flight... For me that would be the REAL Tales from the Darkside. We finally rode the trails today after weeks of drought, rain, T-storms, humidity, busy work schedules, lack of help, and flat out frustration. The trails are really pretty nuts this year, I built the shit up myself and today I hit the 2 biggest sets in there and it scares the shit out of me, which is good I guess. Good to remind you that you're still alive. And the fact that shit got so crazy is probably also why there are only 2.5 locals there per day. Budman still only counts as .5 but that's .5 more than he counted last week so things are looking up for him. Hopefully the weather holds out through Saturday and we can BBQ, hit me up if you're down we would love to see some fresh faces down there. I printed some shirts for Bulldog tonight, had a few Blue Moons then rode up to Uptown and chilled with Marvin, Ca$h-In, and LilDude for a bit then went to Papa Johns on the way home and ran into 'Boozy' aka Ballinger and shot the shit til the shit was dead, limited edition run of  D.I.E. Cobra Commander shirts on the way? We'll see...And I'm very excited about SEEING THIS, it looks sooo good.


Anonymous said...

Superfly, you so crazy

Anonymous said...

supes, i'd like to come ride some trails, but i cant seem to find your e mail anywhere?

write me if you can:


Fuck BMX. said...

If shit's going down this weekend I'll find my way out there.

Anonymous said...

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