Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Kevin Robinson and the 'Record'

Chill. This probably isn't going where you think. Its taking me awhile to tackle this subject but its now five days after he may or may not have broken Mat Hoffman's record for highest air, I think I've had enough time to sort out my opinion. Here's where I stand...I support Kevin Robinson 100%, What? Why? I've had a lot of time to think about the debate going on and I'm gonna spit my points into two categories. What I probably think is true. 
And what I definitely know is true.
The following is Probably True: Kevin Robinson had already broken Mat Hoffman's record before the "Red Bull Experiment" in Central Park. Does anyone really think that Red Bull would spend $1.3 MILLION+ dollars to see Kevin 'Attempt' to break the record? Red Bull is a giant corporate company and giant corporate companies don't take those kind of risks. Thank God Red Bull has thrown soo much money into BMX riders and events, no one else is...In most cases I would classify all Giant Corporate companies as bad, but I'm not so sure about Red Bull, I'm not gonna say Red Bull is a Good giant corporate company but on many occasions, in Long Island and Texas, they have paid hot chicks $8 an hr. to trek through the woods to find secluded BMX trails just to give me and my friends free Red Bull. No other giant corporate company has done anything like that for me ever. I have to re-check this statistic but I remember reading that Red Bull puts about 30% of its profits back into promotions such as Bmx events like Elevation, Empire of Dirt, and the Kevin Robinson Experiment, as opposed to soft drink companies like Coca Cola which only put about 8% of their profits back into promotion. Back to what else I think is probably true... Mat Hoffman knows that Kevin had beaten the record. Does anyone think that Mat Hoffman is gonna just hand over his record if Kevin hadn't earned it? I don't. This is Mat Hoffman we're talking about people. The guy is a legend. A guy who has an unbelievable amount of credibility and integrity. It's his record if he says Kevin had beat it then that's good enough for me.
I don't know if Kevin beat the record that night in central park, I was in no position to make that decision, I was too busy getting an open container ticket for trying to enjoy a Budweiser during the whole thing,
This is what I Know is True: The Red Bull Kevin Robinson Experiment was for TV, it was a show. And if you expect that everything that is on TV is 100% true, even reality TV then I have a Bridge you might be interested in buying. Now to handle the critics...98% of the people talking shit all over the internet saying 'Fuck Kevin Robinson' and 'Fuck Red Bull' are doing so in their mom's house on the computer their mom bought, wearing the clothes their mom bought them, and are probably sipping on Red Bulls also bought by their mom. What have you ever done? You don't count. And neither does the 30 second edit of you feebling a curb to a shitty rap song that made it to The Come Up front page. Shut the Fuck up already. Kevin Robinson has been riding for over 26 years. That's probably longer than any of these critics have been alive. He has had over 25 surgeries from BMX injuries. This guy has dedicated his life to BMX and has made all his dreams come true just from riding a BMX bike, can you say that? He has a family and the life that he wants to show for it. It might not be what you or I would want but it's his. Yeah he's not Hoffman, there will never be another Hoffman, but he's not trying to be. 
Me and Kaminsky met Kevin Robinson for the first time at the Red Bull after party about 2 hours after the Red Bull Experiment and he kept thanking us for being there to support him and kept telling us how much he appreciated having BMXers there to support him. He was nothing but nice to us and down to earth. Last night I watched him on Letterman and saw the exact same thing, not one bit of cockiness in him. Fuck, some little 14 year old in my town did a 180 in front of me last week then told me "I can 180, Bitch!". This is probably one of the same kids that is writing anonymous comments all over the internet on their mom's computer. 
Fuck it. Fuck them. I support Kevin Robinson and anyone else who has put soo much into BMX. I don't care if he broke the record or not that night. But the whole event gave me the chance to meet him, make my own decision about his as a person, and get real drunk off Red Bull and Vodkas. It also gave me a great topic to post about. 
Oh yeah, and Taj riding for Giant is also 100% cool in my book too.


notpinkbikepaulS said...

damn, supes, didnt know u had it in you. haha and that 14 year old was doing switch-footed 180s so chill.

joe migs said...

yo i feelyou on the beer part dude but it aint helping the industry man chill wit dat shytt

fybcorp said...

Never a truer word spoken. I cant see how you can talk shit on a dude that dropped in on that beast of a ramp, hell i probably wouldn't stand on that roll in!

Russ said...


Anonymous said...

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