Friday, June 20, 2008


Everyone keeps asking me "Yo Supes, what's up with the Trails?" Well...pretty much we put a lot more time into building everything up a bunch this year rather than just getting things running. Building them up to the point that they're scaring us. We've been getting stuff going but progress has been slow, last week we got hit with a heatwave, this week its thunderstorms every fuckin' day, and it doesn't help that K and myself are the only two people there on a regular basis. The Creature line (main line) is going and all the other lines are pretty much done now but we just need a nice dry day to ride them in. Hopefully this weekend we'll fire up some hotdogs and fire off some lips. And hopefully I'll get some photos up on here soon as well.
This other picture I borrowed off my friend Catfish's Blog, this pic seriously made me LOL! There's  so much funny shit going on it... like all the terrified faces, and the fact that the only person not trying to block the bat is the the guy getting whammo'd in the jawbone by it, and that little baby looking the other way, what is she reaching for?
(hahaha I always wanted to type 'LOL' in my 'BLOG', my life is complete) let's hear some comments folks, and I know this so called 'Joe Migs' is you Paul Smith.

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Anonymous said...

im just psyched on the moshi moshi videos, gonna be ill.