Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wild Wild Nights

This blogger thing is acting funny, the honeymoon is over! Clicking on the pics isn't always allowing them to open bigger, I'm gonna try to figure it out...and I might have to split this between two posts if it won't let me put all the photos up...Anyway we went to the Red Bull K-Rob Experience and it was pretty crazy. We posted up at a spot a few hundred feet away from the ramp but there was a nice opening in the trees to see the action. I owed Shady grady $10 so I gave him a $20 to get us some tall boys at the store. Party was started...a few park officers gave us some looks while we were sipping out of brown bags but Grady assured us that they weren't real cops and we were thing I know it wasn't fine and Grady, Floyd, Mr.B, Sexy Joey, and Myself all got open container tickets, somewhere in the middle of this KDogg managed to walk away without a ticket, as we waited for the cops to finish up with us we got a text from K who somehow managed to acquire VIP status and was texting us pics of himself chillin' with Matt Hoffman...What a Dick! But he did redeem himself by securing me with a Red Bull Bracelet for the after party...Dialed. With free Red Bull and Vodkas shit got loose pretty quick. A few things I do vaguely remember are...Grady throwing Floyd in the air resulting in him accidently kicking me in the balls, Gady got his bike stolen from outside Max Fish, we tried to give Mulligan the Bmxsobriety test on my bike (a 180 to roll out) to see if he was wasted, he managed about a 90 and blew out some spokes in my back wheel causing it to seize up against the brakes pads (yes I run brakes)...Other highlights include hanging out with Mulligan, Terra, and Daryl like it was a sunday race day at shoreham circa 1995...Boozin' with Jimmy Mac and Ham of Bulldog fame, Tunney, Jeff Z, and a ton of other people I hadn't chilled with in awhile...more pics in part 2 comin' soon...


Anonymous said...

sweet molester stache on Terra, hahaha!


Anonymous said...

Supes, i got more pix from my camera:

the password is "krob28"