Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Nike SB and Old School BMX-WTF? George Bush, The Recession Session, Dom Deluca, & Manboy and Jesshole's Graduation Party

Its been a lil' bit since the last update, not months like before, only days... I know I was trying to keep them daily but its been a busy week trying to hustle through this recession. Fuck You George Bush...So here goes with some news about a lil' party on suburban LI and some Anti-Corporate Companies jumping on the BMX Bandwagon Ramblings...So ManBoy graduated from High School, his sister Jessica graduated from College, and their brother Tom, well he was just his normal Asshole self, and Big Tommy Asshole their Dad threw a Kick Ass Asshole party with an open bar, live classic rock cover band and tons of food and lil' Assholes runnin' around everywhere...Oscar was there and so was Chapman...Two of my favorite kick ass dudes.
In Bmx News... somehow NIKE SB, Ironically the SB in NIKE SB = Skate Boarding, which also = NOT BMX, threw a party for the old Freestylin' (BMX) Magazine in LA LA Land, California. OK Watch that clip, please, then STOP and please tell me what in the what in the fuckity shit-fuck is going on in that pre-clip advertisement?  Dark-HWUT? I really hope I have enough connects in BMX to a.) find out who's idea this was. And b.) Who dressed up in that outfit and performed it. And that's olnly the beginning, Now I stuck up for Kevin Robinson a few post ago against what a lot of people were saying... But this is totally different territory...all I can say about this NIKE event is... To all the old school Bmx heads that went to this... I hope you drank your faces off on NIKE'S dime.
The idea behind putting together this book based off the old magazine is awesome, hands down. Getting old school Bmxers all together for a party...Awesome. The amazing artwork on the old Lightning Bolts plates...Fuckin' Awesome. But NIKE hosting the party? WHAT THE FUCK??? NIKE has been in BMX for Nine Minutes and Fifty Eight Seconds (9:58). FUCK YOU NIKE. Get out of Bmx, You had your chance to support BMX in the 70's, 80's, 90's, and early 2000's but you didn't, so go suck on some fixed gear dick aready while its still coming up. WE HATE YOU. Oh Yeah, And Dom of Brooklyn Projects  in California? Supes is still waiting for those shoes you promised me about 8 years ago... Holy Shit! (I didn't even read that Dom link before I linked it, basically it disses him about not coming through with shit. Wow)

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We need an update Supes! It's been over a week.