Monday, August 25, 2008

5 Things I love...

5 Things I Love are...
Any Science/OuterSpace show in HD on the Discovery, History, or NatGeo channels.
Ice Cold BlueMoon on tap with an Orange
Italian Food with Cheeses and Sauces
Laughing with my good friends

And the Posh Trails.

No matter what other type of bullshit is going on in my life, a trip to Posh is the magic 'Cure-All' to all my problems. Its like entering into another dimension of endless lips and lines and positive vibes. Its as if that small plot of land possesses the same unexplainable powers as 'The Island' in the TV show Lost. I can't describe it an better myself but here's an article that was published in RideBMX a couple years ago of some other people's descriptions of Posh...

When it comes to trails, few can be compared to Posh. Nestled in the woods on a hilly piece of land in Pennsylvania, the jumps are a trail rider’s dream. Dozens of sets, big and small, downhill and up, mixed with berms and transfers form some of the most fun lines imaginable. Over the years, Posh and its builders have set standards in trail building and etiquette, and enforced strict rules to locals and visitors. While Posh may be more famous for its policies, the trails have influenced others to find downhill locations, keep their scene tight, and put their trails on lock-down when needed. Oh yeah, and to build until there’s nowhere left to build. -Keith Mulligan

“In the early 90s, old Posh was plowed and new Posh was started by Mach 6 and Markey Hall. A few years later, I went there and knew that some day I would move there. I moved in ‘97, and quickly learned that everyone didn’t want the trails to be famous at all; they did everything they could to keep the name of the trails out of the magazines and didn’t allow any filming. I didn’t understand this at first; I thought it was cool to have your trails in the magazines and to have people coming to ride them all the time. But after I saw packs of 30 kids every few days I understood, and I knew that the trails were already too famous. But the trail craze died out in the last couple years. Even though Posh is probably more famous now than it ever has been, not that many people come and ride anymore. I don’t really think of Posh as famous, I just think of it as the place I love to ride every day.”-Jeremy “Magilla” Reiss

“Before Posh we pedaled at jumps. Now we coast through trails.”-Chris “Sal” Sales

“I think it’s funny that after 23 years of riding, my biggest accomplishment happened off my bike. Being a part of the trails that showed people what is possible and changed the face of riding is something I’ll always be proud of.”-Jay Lonergan

“On my list of reasons to move to the East Coast, Posh was number one.”-Brian Foster

“Posh is one of the most intimidating places I’ve ever ridden… Don’t follow the locals (laughs).”-Tim “Fuzzy” Hall

“My first memories are the long Sundays at the end of the summer, the anticipation during the ride from the parking lot, dreaming of the endless lines in your head, and wondering how many of your friends were there. Everyone had the same goal of having fun and escaping reality.”-Garrett Byrnes

“Posh has always had this certain magic… It’s like no other place I’ve ever been. I learned to jump there and still learn more each and every time I go back. Just rolling down that first hill when you arrive instantly awakens all those good feelings and memories that little patch of woods has given over the years.”-Joe Rich.

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