Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The almost nothing to do with Bmx post

The only thing I got to report in this post that has anything to do with Bmx is that my my buddy Alex recovered my other buddy Elliot's stolen bike. Awesomeness!!! And since I put up a reward here on the site, he earned himself a bunch of SuperBmx products in the process. Tom Asshole modeled an old SuperBmx girl shirt which went really well with his girl jeans, and Manboy Rocks a 2XL old SuperBmx shirt to do his best Tom White impression.

Last weekend was the 6th weekend in a row I escaped off LI and went on some sort of adventure. Myself and Moshi Moshi went upstate for the weekend for some hiking, Mt. biking, camping, eating, drinking. It was weird to go away without my bike but it was a good time, it just took some planning ahead to figure out how to spend the time not riding Bmx. Midweek Posh session tomorrow with Gady and Steve-O Hopefully a post on that soon. 

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