Thursday, August 14, 2008

Weird Day, Weird Mike...

I've been trying real hard to keep this Blog full of entertainment for everyone, today was a weird day...I dealt with the most annoying customers for my screen printing business all day, then Steve-O and Chapman showed up at my shop and we went to a going away BBQ for Lil' Lil' Paul Smith in Glenwood and sessioned his kicker ramp to board on cinder blocks landing. Old School setup but lots of fun, good times for a Wednesday evening on the North Shore LI. Then I went back to work and printed a new colorway of ShitKatBmx shirts and the young guns came through my shop, Lil' Guy is actually 27 but has a growing disease...anyway the kids were so stoked on the ShitKat screen print that a T-shirt wasn't good enough for them, they wanted it screen printed on themselves...The other pics are some that found on my phone and I had forgot about, Sunset at Hippy Park in Sea Cliff, Coke Dealer # at a party in Bklyn, and Weird Mike pants down in Austin TX.

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