Thursday, September 4, 2008


Sorry for the lack of updates, its been a really fucked up week, fucked up year actually, a never ending nightmare of legal bullshit...I wish I could explain it here but legally I can't quite do that. One day last year I ate the world's best cheeseburger with two of my friends, Steve Crandall and Russ Bengston at Epstein's in NYC, it was pretty sweet, Frodo from Lord of the Rings and G. Reda even made appearances too but thats an entirely different story...Last week there was simultaneously a serious lack of updates, not that I can call anyone out on that, on the SPRFLS and the FBM sites...For a moment I thought maybe Steve and Russ were out sharing a plate of food for lunch...

... then again probably not.

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Anonymous said...

FBM is a real company with things to do though.