Friday, September 5, 2008


I don't even know... do you?

Here's some more of yours and mine 2nd favorite favorite NYC skateboardin'/photographer Giovanni REDA, if you don't know him you should. 
Putting $4.25 an hr. rubber gun security guards in place since 1991
Here's a photo he took of me at Hooligan Trails circa '95

Super 9 interesting things about this photo...

• The tree fell over a week after this photo was taken (I like to think my tree-ride caused it)
• 45tooth profile sprocket
• Dreads phase
• Pants so baggy needed a rubber band on the leg to keep em out of the 45
• Base Flame padset
• Pre-Fence behind the bleachers
• Flag pole/GT launchpad seat
• Mid 90's XXL Windbreaker
• Super Downtube sticker

• Notice the quart of oil on the dash. Reres' Vehicle burns more oil than gas, fo' real!!!
• He says "Skatin' Mad Pole-Jam Wallrides"  WTF???

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