Sunday, September 28, 2008


I don't know where to begin...
I posted a few pics on here and the rest Here on Flicker 
It was a crazy 2 days that felt like a week. Pretty much the only reason we went was to hang out with friends that we don't normally see. And I was overwhelmed by how many old friends were there and how many new ones we made. Highlights included meeting Bill Allen, the actor who played 'Cru Jones' in the movie Rad, Mat Hoffman, 'The Lumberjack' Gary Ellis, and a guy who looked like the result of a mating between Ron Wilkerson and Keith Terra. 
Stoked to hang out with so many good people, but at the same time I probably would have had just as good of a time hanging out with them in any other place than Vegas. That place is just too much for me, too much excess, and too hard to navigate.
Check out posts on Ryan Hoey (dot) com,  FBM, and RideBMX for their updates on Vegas.
Big thanks to Ryan Hoey, Darryl Nau, Keith Mulligan, Bill Dies, Nuno, FBM, Crandall, John Lee, Dave Harrison, JPR, Rob-O, Fit, Jimmy Mac and Bulldog for all the hook-ups.