Wednesday, September 24, 2008

SuperBmx Vegas Vacation

After a fuckin' dialed Posh sesh, I got home a while ago, wrapped up some business and now in 2 hours Myself and Ryan Hoey of Panamoka trails fame will be jumping on a LIRR train, changing at Jamaica to the JFK Air Train to JFK airport, flying to Long Beach Cali for a 3 hr. layover, then to our final destination of Las Vegas for Interbike... To hang out with some old friends from all over the world. Honestly neither of us have any business being there, but I've never been to Vegas or Interbike, so Fuck it, you only live once let's see what happens... Here's Crandall's take on the situation on FBM. Anyway we'll be filming this trip for our debut major motion picture tentatively titled "The Nerd and Supes' go to Vegas" or our alternate title of "National Lampoon's SuperBmx Vegas Vacation" ...expect a good update upon our return.

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Anonymous said...

That flyer is amazing.