Friday, December 19, 2008

Old Man Cave Unit

OK I held off on the updates to bask in the glory of my previous post of riding with a Swedish Supermodel for a week now, I guess its time for an update, I got a few things to post but I'll take my time and spread them out. First off, Dig Magazine has some 'Unseen' pics up on their site from the FBM Gypsy Caravan tour. Old Man Cave Unit is the name of the place where the first pic was taken, I don't know what was weirder, the name of the place or Kelly Baker desperately trying to get wild raccoons to eat BBQ leftovers off his chest. Anyway, I really had no business being on this trip in the first place. At first I wanted to do a Long Island Team but then I looked around and reality sunk in and that wasn't going to happen. I emailed Crandall and asked if him any teams had room for a guy over 30, with a 3-chip camera and a clean license who was willing to drive his ass off,  he said "Yeah this team called FBM". Fuck Yeah! Crandall just wants to have fun! Even more than the girls in that Cyndi Lauper song that we always sing karaoke to when we are drunk. Anyway, at the end of the trip I told Crandall I had over 400 pics, he chuckled and told me he had over 900. Oh well, here are his that ended up on the Dig site. Some of mine ended up in the slideshow of the FBM Gypsy Caravan DVD that you can and should buy here. Enjoy.