Friday, January 30, 2009

The Ghost with the Most

I first met 'The Ghost' Vinnie Theodore Griffen through Rob-O, they came up racing each other in the early 80's at the Bellmore Bmx track. Vince had a pretty big name for himself in those early racing days and by the time I met him he had earned himself legendary status. Anyone that had been around bmx for a awhile had known of the Ghost.
Years later, in the mid-90's, I stumbled across Vince's trails in Port Washington. I started building some new jumps back in there and he was stoked, after making a few good new sections Vin handed the reigns of his trails over to me and we became good friends over the next few years. Other people like Darren from Manmade, Chris Pali, and Joey Coco came and helped dig and became locals too. I got a million Vinnie G stories and they're all crazy. Some of the transfers and manuevers he pulled at Port can not be topped. Sometimes he'd ride his bike to work in Port Washington from Brooklyn. He'd ride by himself at 7 in the morning before work, on his lunch break, and then with all of us afterwork. Fuck he'd even ride in the rain plowing through the puddles in the pits in between sets. Vince is always stoked and positive so it was always good times riding with him back in those days. When Port reached its peak Vince's popularity had also made a comeback, he started racing again and entered a few King of Dirt contests. Here are a few pics I found on my computer of Vin. Even though its harder for him to find the time to ride he still does when he can. Hopefully we'll have some sessions this summer. The Ghost is the definition of a Legend. Look at the 2nd pic, what are the odds we'll ever see a moment like this ever captured again... The Ghost riding an aluminum Schwinn doing a 360 1-handed tailwhip with a 70 foot roll-in and the Brooklyn Bridge in the background while wearing a Super Jersey, Nike Hi-tops, and a Helmet-cam with a VCR in a backpack? Not Likely. Classic.


Anonymous said...



TB said...

I hope I get to ride with vin this year. I hope we all do!

Anonymous said...

Ah the Gost - so many stories - some things you still can't believe even after witnessing them with your own eyes...

aL said...

"im gonna learn three's"

and he did it so fuckin boosted with the slowest rotation i thought he was gonna die, floooooaaaating over the last set of bree, ended up bouncing off the tree on one, ghost is fuckin bullet proof

10 am, 2 12oz buds and a blunt, do 3's for an hour.. go to work


fuck, i miss port! i miss BMX!!!!!

SOUPES!! sup yo!

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing the ghost in SNAP Rythm

Anonymous said...

vinnie-g is what BMX was all about. those were good times at port. thanks for the memories supes.

-Steve C

Anonymous said...

fuck yea vinny g is definately a legend and because of his spot and you guys making it the way it was i rode bmx and still do thanks vinny and john
with love

Anonymous said...

I used to ride and race against Vinny, riding in the back of the Ghost Motorcycles truck driving us to Bellmore to race, then stop at Burger King on the way home... I could give him a run for his money, but rarely beat him off the track... It was a good competition!
Bill - # 41 NY1 1983 - 1984

Anonymous said...

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