Monday, February 2, 2009

***Updated*** Resemblance

***This started out as 6 pics but after a few nore submissions from Bivs and Terra and a bunch more I thought of on my own its grown to 14, I'm surprised on the lack of comments and hits on the site but maybe it just needs some time to be absorbed.

For some reason I had the idea for this post swirling in my head for a long time and I just can't take it anymore so I'm letting it out. Hopefully no one that I'm including in this gets offended by this, if you are it was not my intention. Anyway I just keep thinking how certain Bmxers I know resemble certain celebrities. Has anyone else noticed this? What do you guys think? If anyone agrees or disag
rees or can even add some comparisons of their own please do in the comments.
1. I've been told I look like this American Idol D-bag David Cook

2. Edwin and Nelly

3. Jeff Z and the dude that knocked up Juno

4. Sean Garrett and Don Cheadle

5. Jim C and Dr. Evil

6. TJ Lavin and Vanilla Ice

7. Daniel Dhers and a young Steven Tyler

8. Keith Terra and the guy from the Clueless/Road Trip movies (submitted by Bivs)

9. John Paul Rogers and Rick Rubin

10. Timmy Martin and Sid Vicious

11. Dennis McCoy and Emilio Estevez

12. My buddy Collins looks like Fred Durst, 
One time he told this girl he was Fred's little brother and...

13. Brien Shoemaker and Mike Pelfrey of the Mets

14. Terra and Jason Schwartzman in Rushmore

15. If Josh Hardnett and Pete Wentze mated you'd have FuckBMX's Pat Nugent

16. Jimmy Levan and John Elway


thriftkiller said...

jimmy levan and john elway.....

elway was at the superbowl on sunday....the resemblance is pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

i have always though that terra looked like that dude in Road Trip!

Anonymous said...

Bk and this big wave surfer look way too similir.

Anonymous said...

this is the best thing since internal headsets

Anonymous said...

I see you've converted to the Blog format, nice. I've done something similar with my new site, which you should check out by the way. Anyways so how have you been since I saw you in December? I'm moving back in April dog.