Wednesday, January 7, 2009

On the News part 1

I was going through old VHS tapes the other day and I found 5 different tapes where I did some weird and wild cheesy shit on the news. This is just one instance, about 6 or 7 years ago I got a call from George Gallo, (If you don't know who George is you need to click that link and find out), they were short a guy to jump a box jump on the news so I filled in, Chris Hald is the the other rider and one of the nicest dudes ever, I met him about 15 years ago riding with Rob-O down in Glen Cove. The reaction of the News guy on Live TV when Chris eats shit is priceless. After watching this I can't help to wonder what motorists driving by on Sunrise highway must've bee thinking seeing 2 grown men riding kids bikes hitting a box jump on the sidewalk in front of a tattoo shop at seven in the morning. This isn't even the most fucked up TV News clip I have, there's a way better one featuring me and Rob-O that will be up here in a few days. Oh Yeah and from what they're telling me the Supermodel Skatepark Race video should be up on anyday now.


TB said...

ahahahah that is priceless!!! that guy called george a different name everytime? freakin news crews

Anonymous said...

i like how the newscaster got the urge to do something from his childhood right at the end of the clip (stand up on the top tube)