Monday, January 19, 2009

Supes and Rob-O on Fox News

This video is at least 10 years old...Here's the story, I was working and riding for Base Bklyn at the time, Rob-O was riding for them too. Enos got a call from someone asking us to ride Bmx on the news the next morning, Enos made some calls and trip to Home Depot and a few hours later one of the skaters on Base had built us a kicker and landing ramp that was just big enough to jump but small enough to fit in Eno's Astro-van. Now this was before 9-11 and before we were aware of Fox News' right-wing conservative views. If they asked me to do this again tomorrow would I? ...I don't know. This shit was pretty retarded, If I had known who Bill O'Reilly was at the time I would have taken offense to him saying that I was Bill O'Reilly while I was jumping. The guy in the suit when we rode into the subway was an undercover cop and wanted to arrest us for riding down there. The news guys got us out of that though. Now this wasn't even the weirdest point of that day. When we were done Enos' van wouldn't start so his brother in law Vinny tried pouring gas straight into the carburetor from a Snapple bottle, it started for a bit then stalled out again. So Vinny poured more gas into it and a fire ball shot out which made him drop the rest of the snapple bottle full of gas onto the hot engine which then caught completely on fire. The people from Fox news ran out with a fire extinguisher and started spraying it all over the engine. My bike was packed into the van wedged behind the ramps. I freaked out and started pulling at the ramps to get my bike out. Long story short... The fire was put out but his van needed to be towed so me and Rob-O had to take the LIRR home but they wouldn't let us on without bike passes. I tried telling the guy that we were on the News and then Enos' van caught on fire but he didn't give a shit. We had to take the subway to Jamaica and when we got there we found a LIRR station and a train that let us take our bikes on. It dropped us off in Garden City somewhere and we had to ride about an hour back to Sea Cliff. 
That was a weird day.


lovemimi said...

HAHA. That shit was hilarious!!!

Loved it!

Unknown said...

ha, you guys lived in the stix, on the real that shit was half way to nowhere and only one road in or out.

Anonymous said...

grow your hair out like that again

Anonymous said...

yo supes wats with the hair