Monday, February 9, 2009

**Limited Edition "SKAVARLA" T's

This was originally a one of a kind print that I did but I got a few requests for this design from people so I just printed up a few more before I erased the screen. 
This is a knock-off of the infamous Skavenger 
Tee. I only printed 6 of these and there will be no-reprints so they are extremely limited edition get one before they're go
Baby Blue ink on Black American Apparel 100% Fine Jersey Cotton Super Soft.

Currently in stock:
1 Small
1 Medium
0 Large

$22 includes shipping to the lower 48 sta
and I'll throw in a 'Live For Today' DVD


No Pat even with that very hard to resist offer there will be no Extra-Smalls. And I don't get that negative comment from "Mike Skvarla" from LA (not my brother)...the guy leaves a negative comment then purchases the very shirt he's talkin' shit on. Oh Well...

****Weird I guess the Michael Skvarla leaving comments about tampons is a different Michael Skvarla than the one that bought the shirt. And I sold another one to a Peter Skvarla. This is getting really weird.


Anonymous said...

dude are you really seriously that bored, you mind as well use those things as tampons for when those 13 year olds finally get there first period..

Anonymous said...

can u make me an extra XTRA small custom skavarla shirt please ill blow you

Unknown said...

dude this is mike skvarla from LA, i didn't leave that tampon post. i was psyched as hell when i found you dude! send me an email to my hotmail account - the one through paypal - and drop me a line man, i'm interested in chatting with a man with my name across the coast!

Fuck BMX. said...

haha sick, catfish is posting as me.

natalie skvarla said...

hey dude this is mike and pete's sister natalie. do you have any more skavarla t-shirts?

Superfly said...

Yeah I have a couple smalls and mediums left

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