Wednesday, May 27, 2009


This Past weekend was crazy....Old School Bmxers I hung out with this weekend: Tom Bivona, Terra, Keith Mulligan, Ronnie Gaska, Rob-O, Rob Hughes, Bird Legs, John Lee, Soper, Rob Mic, George Gallo, Mike Drake, Rich Eye, Bruce Mulligan, Chris Celli. probably forgetting some people, But Man it could've been anyday at Sevs/Shoreham in '95. Here are some pics from the weekend. An Epic Hangover from drinking way too many Beers and singing "We Built This City" all night long on Saturday night kept me off the race track and the trails on Sunday and a Sciatica Flair up in my back held me back a bit on Monday, regardless it was a pretty epic weekend. The First pic is stolen from Mulligan's FaceBook.

And if you haven't scrolled down yet theres about 4 new post below this one. Keep the Rubber Side Down boys. Summer's here there's only more to come.