Friday, September 12, 2008

Free Will

NYC street... Edwin paved the way for Nigel, but Will paved the way for Edwin.
I first met Will in Flatbush Brooklyn at the first Base Bklyn warehouse that was actually in Bklyn. Before that, Base was being operated out of a shop in Franklin Square Long Island for a number of years called the Chop Shop (So Fuckin' Underground We're On Long Island). When Base finally moved back to Bklyn Enos somehow convinced me to continue working for him. I would drive my barely running 65 Skylark to Garden City wait for him to get his shit together and get in his car and he'd drive us to Bklyn via the Belt Pkwy while his dog KC slobbered all over me. Occasionally I'd actually even get paid. Will was coming up, he was boys with Sal Pepe and his crew, who were from Glenn Double P's Neighborhood and from that connection Will got a clip in the Shady Bunch video, 'Will's First Rail' Anyway when I met him his job was to clean screens in a shady little alcove in the back of the warehouse. He was so stoked to get free shirt that was a misprint Tee that ended up being a test print shirt that pretty much had evey single Base Design printed on it. Basically Will's screen cleaning job was at a sink that pumped a paint thinner like substance out of a brush to scrub the screens clean of ink. Although we told him many times that smokin' cigarettes over a sink over flammable paint thinner solvents wasn't a good idea, he didn't get it.  Maybe this carelessness, don't give a fuck attitude was just something that was ingrained in him. Anyway I believe Will pushed street riding pretty far and helped give it the 'street-cred' it has today. Here's some pics I found on my comp...and his part from Neighborhood Superheroes

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His part in heros is by far sill my fave to this day.
will fucking kills
Uncle Bruce