Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My shit is Ghetto.

Yo my shit is Ghetto. If you've ever been to my shop you've seen how I rig shit up to work, or at least work most of the time. In this past week my T-shirt dryer Shat the bed on me after about 10 of Loyal Kick Ass, Capitalize Every Letter Of The First Word In The Rest Of This Sentence, Plastisol Ink Curing Ultra Heat Seaking Radness Servicetude... So midweek faced with gnarly deadlines of Tees tha thad to be printed or I'd be fired...I drove to the Vastex Screen Printing Equipment Headquarters in Allentown PA, 2 and 1/4 hrs from LI and only A-prox 2 miles from the Catty woods trails but of course being in business mode/I gotta get this shit fixed status I was sans-bmx and I TCB'd and  picked up a new heating element without even getting to ride, What a tease. I wish that was my worst problem in life right now. Other than that my epson printer which I print out screenprinting films that I scotch tape and tile together was acting fishy today, printing out at differentiating sizes and colors, I accidently discovered today that when your printer will only print in magenta, the magenta acts as a Rubylyth and blocks out the same light as a solid black films. You only care right now if your a screenprinting nerd. 

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